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How does it works ?

  • Registration

  • A secure account is opened

  • Client information is entered in our system

  • Payment confirmation via the dashboard of your Otonom solution (payments in under a minute)

  • Confirmation receipt

We offer unlimited usage of the Otonom Solution
platform and you pay no extra fees for additional users.

I registered online.
How does it work?


The subscription process is easy: you fill in one form only.

Our clients fill in and sign one contract (the time it takes to write a cheque) and they can start using our solution immediately.

Easy payments. Your payment totals are programmed into your accounting software so your fees are paid automatically.


Specially designed to facilitate access for small groups and SMEs

Costs less than the majority of financial institutions

No paperwork/filing fees (unlike most financial institutions)

No need to purchase software or equipment


Deposit and transaction reports sent via e-mail

Clear and detailled reports

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