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Currently, the key to success
in the real estate industry is based on quick
and efficient work processes.

This is why we offer income property managers a centralized solution
that allows them to efficiently process pre-authorized rent payments.
We also facilitate the collection of condo fees and
other condo association expenses using automated payments.

Multi-account management

Take advantage of our unique automated payment solution that manages multiple accounts.
This solution has made Otonom Solution a recognized leader in automated payments.

Manage all your bank accounts as if they were one and benefit from the range of services
offered by the Otonom automated processing and payment system.

Proud partners of :

Automated payments

Not only will amounts due be paid
directly and efficiently into your bank
account, but you can also pay your bills via automated
bank transfers!

Pay one transaction fee and avoid paying for :

Postage rates


Printing invoices

Wages for administrative staff

You save time and money !

Automated deposits

Otonom Solution allows you to easily accept payments whether you have compatible software or not.
Setting up payments and automating their frequency to match your needs is quick and easy.

Enjoy a hassle-free way to manage and process payments from anywhere in the world in under a minute.
Say goodbye to collecting and verifying cheques, cheques with incorrect dates and amounts and time wasted in line at the bank.
Once click of a button and you’re done!

In order to ensure that your automated payments are as secure as possible, we have grouped the best practices in the Canadian
banking industry. No other company offers this range of best practices. Take time to discover them all!

Photo check deposit service

Thanks to our image-based cheque machine,
you can, from your office, deposit up to 100 cheques
per minute regardless of the financial institution.
Simplify your payment process and avoid all the
back and forth of trips to the bank.

Fewer errors

Cheaper than the banks

Up to 100 cheques per minute

Compatible with all Canadian financial institutions

Equipment is guaranteed

Optimization of real estate software

We have all the necessary resources. Our team has built up over 20 years of experience in implementation,
training and optimization of the leading real estate software. We work primarily with Hopem, Condo Manager and Magex.
We support our clients and ensure that they are at ease with the software and its features.

Make a no-obligation call to one of our representatives and they will explain the importance of
ensuring that you use your software to its full potential.

We use

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