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Our features
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Each feature has been thought out to make the daily life of real estate professionals easier. Otonom Solution is much more than a bank.

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Collection and payment

  • Simplified direct debits and supplier payments.
  • Possibility to cancel a transaction as long as it has not been processed
  • Transmit transactions in advance or on the same day at your convenience
  • Download upcoming transactions.
  • Amounts are deposited in the client account on the same day.
  • Comprehensive report showing payment history and transaction status.
  • Export transaction reports.
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Process direct debit payment requests

  • Coming soon
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  • Simplification of pre-authorized debits (PAD) and supplier payments.
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Payment methods

  • Manage multiple financial institutions and multiple accounts at no extra cost.
  • Deposit cheques remotely with the scan cheque machine.
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  • Pending actions are shown and a transaction history facilitates collaborative work.
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  • Compatible with several types of real estate and accounting software.
  • You can set up customized integrations.
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Accounting and administration

  • Exporting reports.
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  • Access to invoices for each of your accounts
  • Billing details available at all times
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Notification and communication tools

  • Through monitoring, errors are automatically flagged.
  • Daily monitoring and email notification of payment irregularities (NSF or other reason).
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  • Multi-location high availability architecture (24-hour access).
  • Encrypted hard drive and backup copy.

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