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Automated payments are the most efficient method for processing secure pre-authorized transactions

You can manage your payments quickly and easily in under a minute regardless of where you are located. Say goodbye to check deposits, verifications, checks with incorrect dates and amounts, and time wasted in line at the bank. We treat all of your bank accounts as one and our payment solution offers a range of benefits.

Benefit from a unique automatic payment solution developed for the real estate industry that groups and respects the best security practices in the Canadian banking industry.

40 Years of experience

Extensive experience in the real estate industry

Secure services

Why not take advantage of our unbeaten expertise in managing check deposits and payments ?

Saving time and money

Say goodbye to filling in cheques and paperwork for deposits and receivables.

Stop wasting your time on endless follow-ups with those who miss payment deadlines for your services.

Choose a simple and economical solution that benefits you and your business.

Our clients

Real estate owners and investors
Self-managed owners




With real estate
management software

No real estate
management software

Manage one
bank account

Manage multiple
bank accounts

Thousands of real estate professionals and managers
have put their trust in Otonom

  • Francine Drouin, Manager
    « Otonom Solution allows me to more efficiently manage incoming payments from members. I also save time and money because my staff don’t have to process cheques or make trips to the bank. This tool is a valuable asset and I have no hesitation in recommending it. »
    Francine Drouin, Manager
    SDC Le Vert Condominium, Québec
  • Michael Lister
    « We started out by using the basic Otonom Solution optimization service so we could find out if we needed all the software features. After a few hours, we realized just how incredibly efficient this software is and knew we’d made the right choice! »
    Michael Lister
    Gestion Immobilière MLP
  • Michael Wilk, President
    « Working with Otonom Solution has been a wonderful experience. The Otonom team was very helpful during the initial set-up process and integrated our system into their solution. The Otonom solution has been fully integrated into our management software and we save a lot of time every month on payment processing. This has given our accountants more time to follow up on other urgent files. »
    Michael Wilk, President
    Wilkar Property Management Inc.
  • Martin Roy, President
    « We chose Otonom Solution and we are very happy with our decision. The way that Otonom solution processes pre-authorized payments is efficient, practical and user-friendly. The solution works perfectly with our accounting software. Furthermore, Otonom Solution’s customer service is exceptional. They respond to our requests in record time. »
    Martin Roy, President
    Gestion M. R.

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